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Any custom card used in these addons are not made by myself and credits should go to the original creator! The addons you’ll find on this page are specifically designed to work with the HKI Framework, they will most likely not work without the HKI framework (seasoned Home Assistant users will probably be able to make them work for their own setup, but I will not give support on that).

What are addons?

Addons are just files with cards/code in them. All addons can be used inside of the /homekit-infused/user/views/VIEW_NAME folders. Inside of the files there is code for a card. Lets say we have a file that is named button-and-title.yaml (the name is not relevant, only the code inside is) E.g.

- type: entity-button
  entity: light.living_room

This will render an entity button on the chosen view.

How to install?

An addon might need additional requirements like a custom card or changes to customize.yaml, you can view requirements at the specific addons page. Each view has a user section which can be found in the following folder homekit-infused/user/views/. To add a card follow the instructions of the specific addon.

How to control the layout of the addons?

Cards that are dropped into the views folder will be placed from top to bottom in alphabetical/numerical order (of the filename). E.g.

In the following folder /homekit-infused/user/views/frontpage/ you have

In this example the buttons will be at the top, below that there will be a map and below that there will be a weather card.

Because the cards are always placed in alphabetical/numerical order of the FILENAME you can add a double digit in front of the name. This gives us the opportunity to sort the cards to our likings.


In the following folder /homekit-infused/user/views/frontpage/ you have

In this example you can see that now there is a value and the names all start with the same letter/number. This means the second letter/number takes precedence. So in this example the top card will be a weather card, the second one will be buttons and the third is the map. You could also do this by naming them and b.buttons.yaml. HKI does NOT care about the filename and you can name it whatever you want it to be, it will simply ALWAYS render the cards in alphabetical/numerical order!

You can also add your own files (since HKI doesn’t care about the file names, it just cares about the order).

*NOTE: if any of the addons contain # lovelace_gen, you MUST copy this line and make sure it is the first line of the file. When copying multiple addons to a single file you will only need this line once, but you will have to add this line to every new file you create that requires this!


You can have multiple cards in a single file if you so desire, which might be the case if you want to organise your cards differently or you prefer to have the same type of cards in the same file for easier editing. When having multiple cards in a file it will still render everything in the same order, so imagine in our previous example that the weather-card.yaml file would have two cards (e.g. a simple weather card and a forecast card), it will render the FILES on alphabetical/numerical order, NOT the cards! Remember this! E.g.

In the following folder /homekit-infused/user/views/frontpage/ you have (this one has two cards)

In this example the first card will be the simple weather card, the next one will be a forecast card (so the 2 cards in the first file go first). The third one will be the buttons and the fourth will be the map. So there are 3 files, but 4 cards (as in the first file there are two cards).

If you wish to stick cards together you can use vertical or horizontal stacks within a file ( and

Get Addons

To view all the available addons and their code click here.