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Homekit Infused

Homekit Infused v2.0.0 beta (2020)

Homekit Infused


About Homekit Infused

Homekit Infused v2.0.0 is the craziest lovelace setup out there in YAML mode. It is 95% configurable through the HKI Interface!

Homekit Infused has a fully customizable UI, you can create your own frontpage layout with ease with the built-in edit mode which allows you to show/hide and add elements to the UI with a flick of a button. Most of the configuration can be done within the HKI Settings and changes done within the UI are instant and in real-time!!! Yes you’ve read it well, no restarts or lovelace refreshes required! You could even open two browser tabs and see the changes popping on your screen when you set them through the settings.

Homekit Infused was created as a private project and released to the public as it was requested by many. In the past year the setup has changed quite a bit, not only aesthetically but also codewise. My goal was to make it easier for people to use what I have created without compromising too much on customization that users have made after installing my previous versions of HKI. The setup is still just as ‘modular’ as it ever was and you will find many improvements over the previous versions if you are an avid user of my setup. New users might find this project very interesting as well, as not only does it give you this wonderful interface, but it will also give you insight on how a bartender (yes that is me) creates code without having any coding knowledge beforehand other than some basic HTML back in the early 2000s.

Oh, and did I mention that your existing dashboard made with the lovelace UI editor will be untouched and will still be available to you? You can continue building/experimenting with your current dashboard whilst having HKI installed. HKI is an independent dashboard that can be set as the default on a per user basis.

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Smart Devices

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